Professional sense of stability for clients

  • Ensure personnel is well educated about bank processes
  • Schooling in establishing a personal client-employee relationship
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Training in display of good team-work

Switzerland is world-renowned for it’s professional and perfectly organized banking system, along with the stellar reputation of banking customer service. Due to our background in the Swiss corporate field, we are therefore the perfect training partners for you to become a leader in the Israeli banking industry.

Customer service in Banks in Israel is highly under estimated. Many customers consider transferring to the competitor, because the Bank’s employees cannot handle the simplest tasks such as, first encounter with clients or simply talking to potential customers in a welcoming and professional manner.

Israeli Banks often make the mistake of not schooling their employees enough, especially for customer-facing roles. They keep losing clients to other international or private Banks usually headquartered outside of Israel. Become an irremovable competitor in the marketplace with our professional training, applied into your employees’ day-to-day life.